Friday, June 25, 2010

A new beginning

Life is changing and its all for the good, I am interviewing at the moment for a full time position close to home.  The Princess is more than ready for childcare (she waved goodbye to me when I went for an interview and didn't get upset once when left with a friend for 5 hours!) and I am more than ready to hit the workforce!

I've been diagnosed with Graves disease and have to avoid getting preggers for a while so we decided that I'd go back to work.  The plan was for part-time but the jobs available are all in the afternoon in the city and it just wouldn't work for us.  There is no part-time work close to home so I started looking at full-time and found the perfect job.  An organisation that is an employer of choice for women, RDO's and a 10 min bus ride from my house!

I had my 2nd interview today so have fingers and toes crossed!

Who knows with a new job I may rediscover my blogging mojo and post more often!!!


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Google Analytics always good for a giggle

And I have to ad that I went through and looked at what traffic sources came here to this wee blog and someone searching for "perky melons" spent a whole 4.5 minutes on this here site!  I hope he / she wasn't too disappointed in the fact that the only mention is how much I miss mine!


I've been busy


I have been really busy with the Princesses birthday, wow she is two now!!!  And I have been setting up here and here!

I shall be starting another blog on the latter and hope to get to it more often, so I shall keep you posted.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I have all these posts in my head but I either run out of time to write them or just plain forget, so ...

I shall return once I manage to capture the words and get them into a coherent format!


Monday, March 22, 2010


No thank you very much!


Well I am currently looking after another toddler, Master A, same age as the Princess.  They get on very well and have even been known to get into bed together (my bed, whilst simultaneously emptying the soil out of my pot plant), they hold hands and are very cute together.

Its Master A's first time away from his Mum other than family and we only had two episodes of tears, the first 1/2 an hour after his Mum left and the second when I went to the loo!  Both only lasted a few minutes and he has generally been awesome.

Then came the Princesses sleep time, unfortunately Master A didn't like her crying so kept coming into her room to check on her, make sure I wasn't doing anything bad I think!  Take 3 and got the Princess asleep on my lap and successfully in her cot before turning my attention to Master A.

I have to say he was far easier than I thought, 5 laps of the hallway in the pram, passed out, transferred onto the fold out kiddie couch on the floor and he is still out.

You'd think I'd go twins, bah easy, after this success.  But no they tested my patience awake (see previous post re irritability!), throwing their food on the floor, jumping and climbing where they weren't supposed to, and being cheeky!

Deep breaths.  And now they both look like angels.  My hat is off to Mum's with multiples, hell even Mums with 2 kids or more!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

And the Slack Blogger Award goes to...

Me?  Really?  Of course I thought it may have been me, but oh ... (insert worst speech award, or No 1 'Gwyneth' moment here).

Yeah I'm slack, and I decided you could have a taste of what would be my theatrics as an intro what with it being Awards season and all, as well as the fact that there are a lot of blogging awards flying round the interwebs these days!

So how are you?  Me, why I'm tired, cranky, irritable, sick, buckets of sunshine, thank you for asking :)

No I'm not really.  I had a meltdown at the Doctors last week and would you believe it, it wasn't over the Princess's refusal to sleep in her own bed like any normal small person should sleep deprivation.  He mentioned the C word.  As in 'it could be', well he actually said 'there is a small as in less than 2% chance, that it might be', but my voices brain started screaming at me, OMFG, OMFG, OMFG!  Which led to a small sob, then flood of tears when the Doctor noticed and told me I'd be ok.  ( My Doctor is nice, lovely, but I really missed the Dr I had for 25 years at the point, familiarity and all that - oh yeah and he'd tell me to stop being over dramatic!).

Its ok, let your breath out.  I'm fine. Still a wee bit emotional but there is no cancer, hooray!  (I typed that with a Capital C, and went back and changed it - take that cancer).  So what is wrong with me?  I'm still waiting to find out, my thyroid is going gangbusters though, apparently, well maybe the Dr and the Radiologist used other words that involved things like 'hyper' and 'toxicosis'.  So I may have a auto-immune disease that will have me taking a pill everyday for the rest of the world and slowly morphing into one of those people who have to put away money each week to fill their prescriptions once every 3  months.

What they said....
Hyperthroidism or Thyrotosicosis (real words used by the way): (Nah don't panic, Dr Google isn't involved.  Tests done by my GP & Radiologist with referral to Mr Endocrinologist happening), so...

Symptoms (Don't worry I'll just give you the fun ones, no icky bodily functions like diarrhoea to be mentioned. Crap. Sorry)

  1. Tiredness (So I can't blame the Princess for all of it)
  2. Insomnia (Great, so when you want to sleep, are allowed to sleep, you cant)
  3. Irritability (See points one and two, you'd be pissed too)
  4. Inability to gain weight but increased appetite (Woohoo, the bonus feature!  At least there is a plus with this)

Potential Causes:
Graves disease, bacterial infection (ruled out through blood test), cancer (ruled out through ultrasound), Hashimoto's disease.

Now out of the two possible real causes I'd rather have Hashimoto's, I don't know anything about either disease and frankly can't be arsed reading about either until they tell me as I'd rather wait to get the medical diagnosis first, but doesn't Hashimoto's sound cool?  Like the reason you've got it is due to riding a SuperBike too fast round a sushi train and got 'kapowed' by a samurai...

Kapow image from unkown, Karate man image from

Thursday, March 4, 2010

When not all is as it seems

It seems as I get sleep deprived again (not sure if it ever stopped) that my mind dwells on certain instances in my life.  Things that never used to bother me now captivate my thoughts and things that used to bother me cease to exist.

Friends are a funny subject, there are friends I have had forever and friends that are new, friends I lost touch with only to be reacquainted with and wondering why we lost touch in the first place.  Then there are the friends who are lost by distance or choice.

One of the things on my mind is those friends I've lost, not by choice, sure some are on Facebook but its not the same.  

Moving countries was a huge eye-opener for me, as it really showed who my friends were, the ones who made an effort to keep in touch.  Yes it works both ways and some of those lost friends I reconnected with on my last trip to NZ.  But I do occasionally lament the end of some friendships.  

In my zombie like state I ponder the good times we had together and then with a clarity that only comes after a good sleep realise that no matter if that friendship had lasted it would had to have evolved ,  I have matured *ahem* with age (the same as a good wine) and my circumstances have definitely changed.  

So not sure I'm not sure what the point of this post is, maybe I've just realised that I am a grown up now, have different responsibilities and there are some things I can't change nor do I want to.

So a 'hurrah' to friends old, new, virtual, past and yet to be made, thanks for the impact you have made on my life, you've helped shape me to be the person I am and regardless of whether we are in contact or not, thank you.

Abbey and friend at the park